Providing Working Capital and Offering Services to Companies in the Mining Industry

City Industrial and Mines Development Group and City Bank (Bank Shahr) as an important financing institute, makes it possible for manufacturers to obtain required funding and guarantees. On the other hand, the access to large  market of municipalities and the group’s proper knowledge of the requirements these markets, helps to increase the effectiveness of its role in the logistics of urban projects and also rise in industrial supply chain.In order to deepen the bond with valid industrial and mining companies, the following measures will be put on the agenda:

  • Funding of industrial and mining companies’working capital in exchange for products or profit participation.
  • Supplying raw materials forindustrial and mining companies domestically and globally in exchange for products or profit participation.
  • Market development and product sales of industrial and mining companies in domestic and global market.
  • Providing services in the field of collaterals,and guarantees for reputable industrial and mining companies.
  • Providing debt collectionservices forcompanies.